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    Saving and Publishing sites can be done in a few easy steps with Site Builder. You can save your work at any time using the 'Save' button in the site editing page regardless of the editor type - Simple or Advanced. You can also preview your work at any time using the 'Preview' button. Once you have finished editing your site, if you want to publish your site directly to your web server or get the files you have created directly to your local computer, you can publish and get the stuff in the following manner.


    Publishing Sites
            After your site is set up using the site builder system you need to publish it. After publishing it, all the watermarks are automatically removed. Your site will be clean and ready to customize.

    There two modes of publishing your sites:

    Publishing Sites (ZIP)
    This is the fastest way to get your site. This is the ideal choice if you require to get your files into your local computer. Select this option in the case your internet connection is slow. This can be very handy for archiving your site also. Select 'ZIP' and click 'Continue' button. You are prompted to save a ZIP file with the name of your site. Extract this ZIP file to a separate folder and your site is ready for uploading to the production server. Please do not change the contents of the files or the locations of files unless you are very sure of what you are doing.
    Publishing Sites (FTP)
    If you have the FTP details of the final location for your site, (the domain name, FTP user name, password, and folder names) you can directly upload your site without any FTP client, using the site builder interface.

    Here are the necessary steps:

    a)Enter the domain name

    b)Enter the FTP user name

    c)Enter the FTP password

    d)Click the upload button

    If everything is correct, your files will upload to our web server. Depending on size/number of files, and your internet speed it might take a few minutes. Once the upload is finished, your FTP status will appear with the list of files transferred to your location server. .


    You can choose any of the Publish methods and choosing one does not prevent you from selecting the other one. Thus you can directly download your site as ZIP and upload your site using FTP in the same screen.

    If you have already published a site, you need not publish it again . You can directly get the files or continue with FTP directly from the 'Edit Site' page.