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    In order to keep our costs low, this site does not do any paper billing. All of our transactions are conducted online. Therefore, we cannot send you a receipt, as we have no capabilities for such.
    However you can view your Billing History / Receipts from your domain manager. Login to your domain manager area at this site, enter the username and password you chose at the time of registration and click on the " Billing History / Receipts" option .



    You are billed periodically based on the purchased plan. If the payment is not on time, your account will automatically terminate.
    Disabling Auto Renewals

    You can disable the Auto renewal option of a domain from your domain manager tool.

    a. Login to your domain manager site

    b. Enter the user name and password

    c. If you forget your username/password, enter the email address and it will be sent to you

    d. Select 'Additional Settings', select domain you want to disable the auto renewal

    e. Check option 'no', next to 'renew the registration of this domain name when it expires' .