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  • Domain Hosting

    We offer different hosting plans for your needs. You can purchase a hosting plan from us for an already registered domain and/or register a new domain name.

    If you purchase a hosting plan for your already registered domain, please select any plan.

    a. Enter the domain name for hosting account

    b. Click on the buy now button

    c. Use any payment gateway available to you

    The site administrator will email you the account details. You must change your name server on your domain manager's page. On the domain registrar site our name servers per administrator instruct everything via email.

    If you purchase a hosting plan by registering a new domain:

    1. Select hosting plan

    2. Enter domain name

    3. If domain is available, select the 'but now' button

    4. Enter domain contact details

    5. Enter desired control panel User name and Password

    6. Use any payment gateway available to you

    The administrator will email you the hosting account information. Please keep in mind that new domains take some time to become active .