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  • Working with Images

    Images are indispensable elements of any good looking site. Site Builder provides you with a very rich gallery of images for you to use in your sites. This system gallery is categorized and you can find appropriate images by browsing through the system gallery.


    You can upload your own images also to Site Builder and these images can be selected from 'Your Gallery'.

    Uploading Images
    You can upload images to use in your sites under the Site builder. Click on the 'Image Manager' icon in the main page or the link in the bottom menu. Then, select 'Upload Image' and click 'Upload'. You are then redirected to the first page of your 'Manage Gallery' page. Click the browse button, select the file, and then upload. Please note the images you upload are renamed as system defined names. Use the navigation links to view the list of your files. The thumbnails can be resized to fit in the listing..

    Editing Your Images
    You can find a handy image editor with Site Builder to edit your images. You will be able to Rotate Images,  Cut/Crop Images, Flip them or even add text.

    Click on the operation you want to perform.

    Fig. 3.5.1

    You can perform the following operations on each image:
    Add Text


    1.Rotating Images

    You can rotate your images clockwise or counter-clockwise. Click on the respective arrow just above 'Rotate'. Now in the right panel, select the angle of rotation (between 0-360). Then, click on the 'Rotate' button. You can preview the image to make sure it's what you want. Make sure to save your work at all times. Once you replace the existing file, you won't be able to undo the operation and return to the original file.

    2. Cropping Images
    You can also crop your images to remove unwanted portions and/or reduce the size (height and width).


    Fig. 3.5.2

    As you see here, you can find a white box representing your cropping area. You can resize the cropping area by holding the Shift key down and dragging the mouse pointer. To move the cropping area just drag with mouse. Click on 'Crop Now' when your desired area fits in to the cropping area. Save your image.

    3. Flipping Images

    You can flip your images horizontal, vertical or both. Follow the on-screen instructions to flip your images.

    4. Adding Text to Images

    Add text in different colors and fonts to your images by selecting the 'Text' option. You can see a text box surrounded by a black box. Type in the text you want to add in the text area. You can resize the text editing area by holding down the 'Shift' key and dragging the mouse. To move the text area, just drag the black surrounding box with the mouse. Select the font color, font size and font type and angle of text. After setting the parameters, click on 'Add Text'. Preview your image created and save.

    Editing System Gallery Images.

    System gallery images are maintained by the Site Builder. You can edit the images and save as yours. Please note that while saving, the image will be saved in your gallery, not the system gallery.