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    Once you have registered with the Site Builder, login to your account with your user name and password. You will be redirected to the main panel on successful login.
    Click on Site Manager. You will be shown all your created sites (if any) and a section in the bottom part of the page to enter the name for the site you want to create. Enter the site name and click 'Go'. Your site name must contain only letters, digits and/or periods. This site name is for identification purposes and it may not necessarily reflect  your site's actual hosted name. Now you will be redirected to a page from which you need to select the build type of your site. There are two types of build types you can go with - Simple and Advanced. Simple site builder is for beginner to intermediate users. If you are not well versed with HTML, graphic designing and/or website hosting, we recommend the simple site builder. With the simple site builder you can create sites with the minimum effort. You can also incorporate feedback pages or custom forms with a very short time span. With the advanced build types, you need to be technically more sound. You will be editing more graphic rich templates to match your requirements. The advantage with the advanced site builder is that you get more precise control over what you are doing.

    Once you have selected the build type, you will be redirected to the page from which you can select the category your site fits in so that you can find an appropriate template.  Click on the category you are interested in and you will be shown the templates as thumbnail images from which you can select the one of your liking. Click on the thumbnail to continue.

    Depending upon the build type you have selected, you will be shown the following pages:

            1. Simple Type

    You are displayed a screen with a lot of site customization options.
    You can customize the following     

    You can upload your site's logo to fit in to the site. If you don't have one, you can select from the samples provided by the Site Builder.
    Company Name

    The company name will be embedded as an image. Select the font properties like color, size and type to best fit to the overall site esthetics.
    Site Color

    Site color can also be changed to make variations in the overall look and feel of the site.
    Site Caption

    Site Caption will also be embedded as an image in the site. You can set the font properties for Site Caption also.
    Page title

    Page title is what you see on the top bar of your browser. You can set a common title for your site by editing this section.
    Contact Email

    You can set the site email in this section.
    Meta Description

    Meta Description best describes your site in few words. This is extremely useful for your site for being able to be listed in Search Engines. Just enter the description in the textarea provided and adding it will be taken care of by the site builder.
    Meta Keywords     

    Meta keywords are words or phrases which describe the content of your page.  Just enter the keywords separated by spaces in the textarea provided and adding it will be taken care of by the site builder.

    Once you are done with entering these optional basic information, click on 'Continue' and you are almost done with creating your site. In the next page you can create a site with a single page or any number of sites. If you select the single page option, you are done with creating your site instantly (Even if you select this option, you can add more pages to your work later at any time). At this point of action, you can either create the site by clicking 'Continue' or verify your output by clicking 'Preview'. Your preview pops up in a new window and if you are not satisfied with the output, you can click the 'Back' button to edit your site details. Once you are satisfied with the site, click on 'Continue'.

    Now your site is ready for basic editing. You are redirected to a very handy editor with a WYSIWYG interface.  What you see in the edit area of this editor is the changeable area which you can edit as you wish. Change the text, play with colors, fonts, insert images, insert and manipulate images and do what ever you like to do with the site content.



            2. Advanced Type

    The advanced site builder can be used to create sites with more graphic content and/or complexity. The main advantage with this builder is that the user has got the full control over the site elements. Unlike in the simple editor, the whole page can be edited by the user - there is no such concept as editable and non-editable area. While this implies that you can do anything with the basic template, it also cautions you against the basic layout getting tampered. If you are well versed with graphic design and site building, you can very well go ahead with this type.

    Select the page you want to edit from the drop down list in the page top. Your currently editing page will be loaded in the editor. Change whatever you like. You can save/delete/add or preview pages using the options from the top menu.